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Toxic Tours

Community Asset Toxic Tours, (CATT) includes visits to drum manufacturing, plastics recycling, chemical sites, brown fields and a Superfund in the Little Village Community in Chicago. You will hear about the communities struggles to hold industry and government officials accountable for toxic pollution in their neighborhoods. Learn about how communication travels skills and talents and youth groups that are making a difference in the community as part of the assets. These tours will strengthen personal knowledge of how you can protect your health.

Through community asset toxic tours LVEJO hopes to educate and increase public awareness and action about our communities and outreach to a broader public about the impacts of environmental racism.

Contact for reservations and information: (773) 762-6991 email:

What’s In Our Backyard Biohazard Poster (Downloadable PDF)

Inside a Toxic Tour | Reflections from Activist Summer Camp!

Comments on CATT:

A reporter takes one of the Little Village Environmental Justice Organization’s Toxic Tours of the West side (PDF) pictorial

“Pollution and poverty are often presented as separate problems,” said UIC student John West. “This tour revealed how back-room political dealings and strong corporate interests led to pollution in the back yards of the working class people of Little Village.”

To view photos on Flickr from this particular tour click here.

What’s In Our Backyard Biohazard Poster (Downloadable PDF)

Reflections from Activist Summer Camp!

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