Climate Adaption

LVEJO’s Climate Adaptation struggle acknowledges that EJ communities such as Little Village are disproportionately impacted by the hardships caused by climate change and extreme weather incidents. Due to race, class, gender, location, and citizenship status, many low-income populations and people of color are vulnerable to displacement, sickness, and death because of poor planning and state neglect. The projects that contribute to LVEJO’s Climate Adaptation and Resiliency campaign will assess and evaluate the preparedness of the community to adapt to climate change, and ensure that city, state, federal, and private institutions are accountable to the needs of all Little Village community members.

LVEJO’s campaigns are for everyone to be involved in. Moreover, our campaigns can be driven by the power that Little Village residents have. By working with youth, LVEJO hopes to accomplish the following goals:

Climate Adaptation

LVEJO will develop a local climate adaptation plan and create a climate vulnerability and assets index and mapping system

Just Transition/Energy Resiliency

LVEJO will oppose false market based solutions to the climate crisis and advocate for three legislative policies that support a just transition to a new economy based on renewable energy sources and family supporting jobs

Zero Waste and Recycling

LVEJO will promote local solutions and policies that strengthen responsible recycling, composting, and zero waste programs

To learn more about LVEJO’s Climate Adaptation initiatives:


Viviana Moreno
Community Organizer
(773) 762-6991