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Urban Land

We are headquartered in the predominantly Mexican-American neighborhood of Little Village, Chicago. Little Village Parks Organization works for a real voice in building democracy, including if, how, when and where any development of our communities takes place, as the basis for environmental, economic and social justice. Our environment is where we live, work, study, pray and play. We work with, not against our Mother Earth and Nature to once again make our air healthy to breath, our water safe to drink, and to free our earth from poisons to grow healthy foods. As the dangerous, highly toxic remnants of the old Honeywell – Celotex facility are being abated and the city has finally agreed to provide a Green Space for the lacking community. Can you guess where they wish our children to play, our families to have picnics, or the community to gather and appreciate our Mother Earth ? On top of the Celotex remains which were only minimally abated to facilitate development and marginalize the damage done by Honeywell.

Little Village Land Organization seeks environmental and social justice for this and all Green Habitats! If this is to be our Green Space, then it must be safe for our families and the children of working class citizens for generations to come.

The Little Village Land Organization campaigns not only against pollution, but for clean power, park facilities, urban agriculture, and restoring public transit. Persistent grass-roots lobbying over the course of ten years for the conversion of the Celotex clean-up site into a much-needed park has kept the issue front-and-center for local politicians and residents alike. Little Village Parks Organization’s staff and volunteers make significant outreach and education efforts

Last spring we featured an article that spoke about the different charrettes OpenSpace was conducting across the little village community. We are happy to announce that all that data was compiled and converted into two models by our amazing intern from The Art Institute of Chicago Willa Crolius.

These two models—affectionately and practically called the blue and green model—form part of our mobile voting efforts (MVE). The aim is have the community choose which they like best, in the most democratic way possible, hence the MVE. The winning model will be present to the Chicago Park District in October during their board meeting. Our next stop is JUNTA HISPANA on July 25 at Douglas Park.

LVEJO and the OpenSpace campaign would like to thank Café Cathedral and El Valor for hosting our first two voting session. If you are interested but cannot attend the next voting session or if you’d like to offer your location to a MVE please email: or call 773-762-6991 and ask for Selene Gonzalez.

Visit the Little Village Parks Organization for more detailed information.

Work Day and Inauguration of Amor De Dios Community Garden Site

On behalf of LVEJO, we would like to extend a huge thank you to the Comite Primavera, Amor de Dios parishioners, LVEJO board members and all the volunteers who came out and helped with the site.

From the take down of the playground, dead tree, to the installation of the woodchips and soil, building of the low tunnels and coming soon the first planting.

We invite you to come by and volunteer this fall and winter and help in the maintenance of the site.

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to help make this happen.